Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hey I got your email from Minnesota. Sounds like you both are running around like crazy out there. I am glad they are taking it seriously and are going to try their hardest to find out whats wrong with her. I got her letter this week the 10 pg one with the pictures. She makes me laugh. Did you say another one was coming? I hope so her letters are always alot of fun.

Sounds like a big mall. In my last area it had the biggest mall in the Kan Sei area. (KanSei area is basically the Kobe mission) it was 5 stories with a garden on the top with a fountain and an area where they do concerts no joke. I have some crappy pictures I will try to send to you sometime. I am sure you both would love it.

Wow, school starts next week for everyone? That is weird. It's gone by fast for me out here, what about everyone back home? I hope everything works out at school for everyone.

Yeah, it will be nice to get the jacket. Actually a typhoon is coming through here this week and its been raining like crazy. It will be nice to get a new one. It's way humid out here I can't believe it half of the time, especially since we are so close to the ocean. It will be bad through august but after it won't be so bad...hopefully.

This week was really busy. On Tuesday we went up to Miki the other 2 elders in our district and went around with them for a bit. Afterword's Elder Fukui interviewed their investigator and she will be baptized this coming Sunday. Really cool, it will be great for them to get a baptism. Miki is countryside Japan it was really weird for me since i am so use to just city. It was nice to see some green and some mountains. After the interview we stayed and helped with their Eikaiwa class (English class) and then went home after that.

Wednesday was interviews with president so we went out to Kobe and did those which are always good. Afterwords we all went to a place called brazilianos just like
Tucano's style. It was really good we also had one of our investigators there so we got to talk to her but, not a lot of progress. After that we went back to Akashi to teach Iwamurasan. He likes to talk a lot so it didn't go as well as we hoped it was all in English so I could understand. Hopefully it goes better next time but we gave him a BOM and committed him to read it and got another appointment. Then we had to go back to Kobe for SMCC some stake meeting Elder Fukui had to go to. I ended up going out with one of the AP's to contact. We ended up staying the night there, way busy day.

Thursday we took Yoshidasan out to outreach where all the YSA people have activities and stuff. So we went back to Kobe again and did that. It was a lot of fun.
Friday we had service and an exchange. For service we go to a place that provides work for handicapped people. We help them package food or make Nabari or Sushi. Its fun and they feed us afterwords so that's a plus for sure. The exchange went well, its always fun getting to know other guys from the mission most of the time.
Saturday we finished up the exchange, had Eikaiwa and went out to visit 5 old investigators that we found in the area book. None of them were interested so we just went contacting after that, but no luck.

Sunday we had a new investigator come to church, we taught him the first lesson and gave him a BOM. Hopefully it goes well with him, I think he liked it hopefully he comes again. Yoshidasan's interview went well and he will be baptized in 2 weeks. He is really excited and can't wait. I don't think I can either.

A super busy week and this one should be too. We are doing exchanges again, and it will be with Elder McBurney a way good friend from the MTC it will be a ton of fun.
The Language is still tough if not tougher because my Comp. is Japanese.They talk a lot faster and more complicated because of it so I am lost 80 percent of the time. When I talk they look at me then look at him and wait for him to talk it makes me laugh. It's a slow process so I am just trying to learn patience, but I hope it comes soon. I just wish I could speak Nihongo (Japanese) but if we have the spirit it doesn't really matter what I say, the spirit is really the only thing that converts people not language or lessons.

Elder Fukui is a really good missionary and knows what he is doing out here. I am learning a lot from him. He is a way good cook too and likes to cook so that's always a plus too :). We are getting along just fine and its nice to have some success.

Anyway's long email this week, everything is going well out here, time is just flying by I can't believe it. Thanks for everything
Love you,

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