Monday, August 31, 2009

Answering all your questions

Another busy week, I can't believe this transfer is over already.

Monday was p-day. P-day lasts from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM During that time we usually come do email first, then go shopping, then back to the apt. to write letters or my favorite take a nap. Then after 6:00 we go out and do missionary work for the rest of the day. I can't remember what we did last week, nothing special I don't think.

Tuesday was a day full of contacting. No real luck there, it was a super hot day I remember that. We had an appointment with a guy later that night. I think he was from Australia? Anyways we went to his place and he wasn't there. We went out contacting again and do you remember the big guy I talked about that we met 2 times and spoke way good english? Well we met him again. He is really nice but refused to take a book of mormon and said he would try to come to eikaiwa but never did. I think he feels like he isn't good enough or something. I am sure we will see him again soon.

Wednesday we had an exchange with The Kakogawa elders. It went well, I and my new comp. for the day went and taught Iwamura again. It went the same as usual. I asked him to read the book of mormon this week and come up with something to talk about next week. I hope that it gets him reading.

Thursday we had district meeting. During District Meeting we got a call from one of our investigators and he wanted to go to outreach in Kobe. Outreach is ran by Elder and Sister Wade. It is for YSA and is a great place to take investigators to make friends that are in the church. We made Japanese doughnuts. Good stuff. Our investigators name is Ichigawa, he seems interested but we are not 100 percent sure or not so we are going to ask him next time if he really is or just wants to make friends at english class and things. He is a great guy, I hope it all works out with him.

Friday we had another exchange with the elders in our district. Not a lot really happened we went out contacting but no luck. It's always fun to see different styles of contacting from different missionaries and get new ideas.

Saturday we had eikaiwa. Afterwords we went out to a Gajin (forigner) Matsuri (Festival) It was fun but not a very effective place to do missionary work. We got out there went around a bit and went back home.

Sunday was another way busy day. I had to give a talk, I talked about the restoration and what it does for us. I think I made sense, it went better than I thought it would. After that since it was the 5th Sunday they do a big potluck dinner. A member brought a friend with her and I talked with her there at the dinner and gave her a book of mormon. I hope she comes again she was really nice. After Church we went to Nicholas' house. The guy from Ghana, he is a way nice guy and always cooks for us. He gives us food they eat in Ghana its not bad I like it. We taught him about some of the commandments. He told us that he has been praying a lot but received no confirmation and that's why he doesn't believe or want to be baptized but knows that it will come in god's time. I guess we just need to be patient. I hope he get's and answer soon he is a really great person.

Today already has been a little crazy. Usually we study from 8 until 9:30 on p-day then clean until 10:30 but, Elder Fukui had to go to the American embassy in Osaka to get his student visa stuff started up. So we left pretty early and got out there and got it all finished. I thought my area had a lot of people. Osaka is huge there were people everywhere, I couldn't believe it. I hope I get to serve out there some time.

This transfer is over it went by so fast I can't believe it. Tomorrow phone calls go out for transfers. I could end up moving out of Akashi again, there is a decent chance of it. We will see what happens though I like Akashi but I will go where I need to go right? I will let you know what happens next week.

I have been eating well, Elder Fukui is a way good cook and I am trying to learn from him. Haven't been sick yet but, everyone out here is way scared of the flu they all wear masks its kind of funny lookin. We do see little kids walking to and from school. In my last area we had some follow us once, it was funny. I will have more pictures for you all next week. Thanks for sending all the emails to me.

Love you

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