Monday, November 30, 2009

Well it sounds like everyone had fun except for whit. Man I could kill right now for some Turkey and Stuffing. It sounds really good. I actually forgot that it was Thanksgiving until we started planning. Its a little weird being in a place where people don't celebrate it and kind of ignore Christmas too. I hope that everyone had fun. It sounds like most of the family had a good time.

Wednesday - I was still in Wakayama with the other 2 elders. In the morning we went out and talked to some investigators and did a bit of streeting. We headed back and ate while Magleby Choro packed his stuff up and got it ready to send it off for transfers. After lunch we headed out to meet their new convert. He was a really great guy. He really has been converted and is going to be a strong member. It was cool to see how fast he became such a strong member in such short of time. After that we headed back and on the way we ate at a Ramen Place. It is famous for this really bad smelling ramen but it tasted pretty good. A fun experience that's for sure. After dinner we taught Eikaiwa which is always fun.

Thursday - Man this was a long day. Because my new comp is a new missionary I had to go all the way back to the Mission Home in Kobe. We woke up at 5:45 and started off. We got to the Honbu and got some training from President and the AP's then they brought in the new missionaries. They assigned us all our new comp.s and then we took pictures and ate lunch. My new comp is Enta Choro. He is from Japan, a place just above Tokyo. He is already a great missionary and we are going to have fun even if we don't understand each other sometimes. He speaks no english. After that we all headed out to our areas. We got to Wakayama and had to stop there so we could buy a bike for him because there isn't a decent place in Tanabe to do it. Once we got that done we took it on the train with us and headed home and got to the apt. around 8:50. Man it was a long day.

Friday - Ok it was Enta Choro's first day as a missionary. We did all of our transfer planning in the morning, ate lunch and then headed out. We first went to the beach but no one was there so we headed out to go housing. He did a really good job for his first time and we were even able to talk to a few people. They didn't have interest at the moment but are decent Potential Investigators. Hopefully they can become real investigators soon. After housing we headed to the church to prep. Eikaiwa. We got that all finished up and I taught Eikaiwa which is always fun. We have a really good, fun Eikaiwa class that I really like.

Sat. - In the morning after study we decided to go out near the beach and train station and try to street. We actually were able to find a new investigator at the beach which was awesome. He was kind of dodgy and I am not sure if he will actually show up to the appointment or not but it was great for us to see I think. After the beach and train station we went back to the apt., ate and headed out to do some housing. We housed for around 4 hours but didn't have much luck. We went back and did our district meeting before planning. We are so far apart we do it over the phone. I thought I had preped and gotten ready but man I was wrong. I failed pretty hard and man it was embarrassing. I hope i can do it, maybe next time will be better. I got some tips from one of the Elders in Shingu that has been a DL before. He is the branch president right now or he would be DL i think. After the call we ate and called it a day.

Sunday - We had our study in the morning and then headed to church. We had asked a past investigator that was at eikaiwa that has interest again to come to church and she did. That was good but when we tried to do a lesson man....I failed pretty hard here too. I couldn't speak any Japanese or really give a good lesson.I felt really bad and the members that were helping just kind of took over. After words i got some words of advice from them, but I am still feeling down about it. I hope I can become a good teacher and fast because man, we need it. After church we went out to a place called Shirahama its pretty far but way pretty place. We had a good bike ride out there and when we got there it was pretty dead. We talked to some people but no one with real interest which was disappointing. After that we headed back home ate, planned, and called it a day.

So yeah its been already pretty crazy. I have a lot of learning and practice to do. I get lots of Japanese practice with my comp because he speaks no english at all so thats a good opportunity for me. Hopefully I can get better soon. Its going to be a fun transfer we just need to make sure we work hard. I hope I can do it. Thanks for the package i got one of them already, be careful sending too much, I don't want my brand new comp to get trunky in his first transfer haha.
Love you

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