Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hey everyone,

It was a way crazy week here in japan too. Lots of different things going on back home it sounds like. A little girl got hit by lightning? Thats way crazy. We had a big thunderstorm last night that we got caught in. Not to much fun when you don't have your rain jacket and stuff.

Anyways here was my week.

Tuesday - we had another lesson with the crazy old guy that was committed to baptism. His name is Tatsumi. So he would call me all the time and told me all this weird stuff. We knew he was crazy because he told us he was taking medicine but we figured he could still get baptized so we decided to keep teaching him. We taught him again on Tuesday and he went off on how he can hear voices in his head and stuff. Apparently he normally hears his dads voice but lately he has been able to hear my voice too. Telling him to go to the church at like 3 AM and stuff like that which he obeys. We were pretty floored. Anyways the lesson went alright but I think the member that was there was pretty freaked out because of it all. We laughed about it later. After that we had Eikaiwa which people showed up to this time which was nice.

Wednesday - We had one lesson with a investigator who we committed to baptism and he accepted for the 12th of Sept.

Thursday - We somehow were still able to find investigator but it was pretty crazy. We Also had a lesson with a guy from California that is teaching English. pretty cool guy with a lot of interesting ideas. Its pretty different teaching someone from America.

Friday - We had DM went pretty good and we had lunch afterwords. I don't know if I told you but in my district is a couple missionary and they are way fun. They told us these stories about how they met and got married. After one date the brother proposed to her which is crazy in Utah but in Japan its like unheard of. Anyways it was way funny.

We had a lesson with Hashimoto. Kind of getting old with him he is refusing to change which is frustrating but he did agree to show his dad some pamphlets so hopefully that helps his dad calm down. Other than that not much. Tatsumi did give me a call and told me he couldn't be baptized because of his family which was too bad. He was pretty crazy so it didn't come as too much of a surprise but maybe we can figure something out.

We were suppose to have one investigator at church but he had to cancel on us. The bishop asked us to visit some LA and so we spent most of our day doing that.

Anyways it was a good week we got another person committed to baptism and hopefully we can see him go through. We will see what happens this week.
Thanks for everything.

love you

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